Membership Categories


A membership centered around golf.

Thank you for your interest. Membership to Rolling Green Golf Club is by invitation only. Should you need additional information regarding membership, kindly contact our Membership Chairman, Michael McClatchy, [email protected] 


  • Full golf and voting privileges.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Initiation fee deposit payable at time of application, and in equal payments each of the following three years.
  • Fee for the Club Bond

Bondholder with Spouse

  • Spouse has golf privileges all day with some restrictions.

Intermediate 24 - 35

  • Full golf privileges, no voting rights.
  • Initiation fee with a deposit payable at time of application, and an additional deposit at time of billing after membership is approved. Balance is payable beginning the following year in equal annual installments until member turns 35.


  • Golf privileges up to 10 times per year including guest rounds.
  • Member will be billed a green fee each time they and their guest play the course.
  • Can play the course anytime with some restrictions.
  • Initiation deposit payable with application. Balance due at the time of billing after membership is approved.


  • No golf privileges and may not play as a guest. Initiation is due with application.


  • Member must reside a minimum of 100 miles from the Club
  • May play the course up to 12 times per year any time the course is open (except for an event) except on Tuesdays before 11:00 am.
  • Initiation is payable with application.