Rolling Green Golf Club has a rich and enviable history that remains to this day one of Philadelphia's most well preserved and hidden golf gems. The history of the golf course dates back to early 1920, when a group of fifteen prominent gentlemen, mostly Quakers from the nearby Springhaven Club, committed to form a new club specifically for the accomplished golfer - one that made the game of golf central and paramount to everything else.

1920 The Inaugural Meeting

Inaugural meeting of fifteen Springhaven members to form a new club that made the game of golf paramount to everything else.

1924 A New Club is Born

October 7, 1924:Sixty prominent residents of Delaware County, operating under the name Rolling Green Golf Club, purchased 145 acres of land in Springfield Township for $150,000.

November 3, 1924: Rolling Green Golf Club officially filed as a corporate charter.

December, 1924: Rolling Green Golf Club officially filed as a corporate charter.

1925 Construction Begins

May 1925: Construction contract was awarded to Toomey & Flynn and earthworks started immediately.

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1926 Open for Play

July 31, 1926: Rolling Green Golf Club informally opened for play to over 200 members. The design and turf conditions received high remarks and was predicted to become one of the best courses in the area.

September 18, 1926: With the completion of the clubhouse, Rolling Green Golf Club celebrates its formal opening.

1927 Philadelphia Open

January 20, 1927: Rolling Green selected to host the 1927 Philadelphia Open.

March 29, 1927: The Club improved upon its golfing grounds to prepare to host the Philadelphia Open in the upcoming summer.

July 21-22, 1927: Rolling Green Golf Club hosted the Philadelphia Open; Johnny Farrell won shooting 296. He also set a new course record on the Saturday shooting a 68.

1929 Early Changes

Fall 1929: Superintendent Joe Ryan, in coordination with former chairman A.F. Damon, made additional changes to Flynn's design:

  • Reshaped ten different greens
  • Lengthened No. 15 to 405 yards
  • Converted most greens to Metropolitan bent
  • Began planting thousands of nursery trees


Winter 1930: Superintendent Joe Ryan made additions and changes to Flynn's design:

  • Lengthened No. 3
  • Added a new tee on No. 8
  • Reshaped a larger green on No. 9

1933 The Chipping Green

A "short hole" was built to the left on No. 13 to eliminate burdensome
hill climbing. The green still remains to this day and used as the practice chipping

1937 The Bridge

The 340-foot bridge spanning the deep valley on No.14 was built for additional
convenience and cost $4,100 ($72,000 in today's funds).

1976 U.S. Women's Open Championship

Rolling Green celebrates its 50th anniversary by hosting the 1976 US Women's Open.

Joanne Carner wins the championship by 2 strokes over Sandra Palmer in an 18-hole playoff.

2016 U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Eun Jeong Seong of the People's Republic of Korea wins the Championship on the 36th hole of match play against Italy's Virginia Elena Carta in dramatic fashion.